Out of the Woods

216 North McDonough Street Jonesboro, Georgia 30236                                                                                     571-447-2539

Would your life be different if your temper was under control? Have you hurt the people you love and care about the most with hurtful words? Are you ready to handle problems without flying off the handle? Then you are ready to get started using proven techniques for making a real difference in how you experience life.

Will I be to use these for court? My employer? Child protective services?
Yes -- most of the time. Each agency has its own requirements. It is very important that students ask about requirements from the agency. Out of the Woods cannot make a guarantee that classes will be accepted. Classes are provided by a licensed professional counselor and certificates are provided to those who need them.

I have a domestic violence case. Can I take these classes?
No. Out of the Woods is not a certified family violence prevention agency in Georgia.  

Do you do Anger Assessments?
Yes. Anger Assessments are available. Anger assessments take one hour to complete and in most cases you can receive your assessment results via email immediately following the assessment.

How long are anger management classes?

The anger assessment will determine how many hours are recommended. Often courts required a different amount from what is recommended. That is okay. We can do what the court requires. Generally recommendations vary between 6 and 12 hours. In some cases, long-term treatment is recommended and this will be discussed in detail during the assessment.