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God bless the child who prays

Posted by cyndyadeniyi@gmail.com on December 15, 2014 at 6:55 PM

Today, overall, was not a good day. The flu that had been staying just below the surface for the past few days decided to make a grand appearance today. My daughter was home from school because although her battle with the flu was almost over, she had a fever yesterday and the doctor said to wait one more day. On days when a lot of bad things are going on, I like to try to focus on what went right. Here' what went right.

As I lay on the couch, unable to move because I had become very weak, my five year old daughter comes up behind me and ask if it is okay to pray for me. "Sure," I said trying hard not to cry tears of pride. She prayed...like someone who God and knew me and knew just what I needed. 

I hate having the flu, but hearing my daughter pray like that was worth all the pain.

Oh, and I am feeling much better. 

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