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The New Year is coming...

Posted by cyndyadeniyi@gmail.com on December 30, 2014 at 11:20 PM

So 2014 is almost over and 2015 is right around the corner and collectively as a nation we will begin to create a list of things we are going to do different and then forget about around February. I'm not certain I even want to try to go to my Zumba class next Saturday. It always seems so odd to me that year after year, we as a nation go through this ritual.  I could understand if one or two people did it, but millions of people make these resolutions and do nothing about them.  What is it about human behavior that we cannot break even the most basic of habits? 

So with 2015 right around the corner, have you made any resolutions? I know I have. So what will make 2014 different from 2015? What will we do different?  How can we plan different? What types of supports will be different? What changes will we make in our personal investments to make 2015 a year of great impact?

You know your goals have to specific and realistic. You've master that. How about accountability? Is there someone holding you accountable for the actual tasks necessary to follow through with your goals? Have you invested the time and funds needed to do the job right? Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough time to complete tasks. Don't make that mistake in 2015. Plan extra time – perhaps as much as 20 to 30% more than what you initially expect. Sometimes money must be spent. If you have it, spend it.

Was God a part of those 2014 resolutions? So often we leave Him out of our plans and then we wonder why we don't accomplish our goals. There is time though to seek His face and His desires for our focus in 2015. In some cases the plans He has for 2015 will look very different than the plans we have. Of course we will never know that if we don't ask Him.

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