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Perfect Peace?

Posted by cyndyadeniyi on May 24, 2018 at 2:50 PM

As I was crisscrossing Clayton County this morning, trying to meet the demands of the new hands free law and answer the phone and figure out where I was going, it occurred to me that this trip was anything but peaceful. I had put on worship music to help, but the combination of red lights, a limited amount of time, distractions, and wrong turns stripped me of my normally peaceful demeanor. 

When I returned to my office, I was confronted by a sign, initially designed to prod my clients into a peaceful state. It read... "You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts You." That's right you know the scripture, Isaiah 26:3. Talk about conviction. The sign silently and loudly pointed out my error. In another version the words say, "fixed on You." That's the version I know best. I was guilty of not fixing my mind.

The sad part about it is I know how to do it. I know how to fix my mind on Jesus. In fact when I started the trip, that was why I put on the worship music. So what happened?

Well, the first distraction was a result of poor planning. By not looking up the address where I was headed and planning an appropriate amount of time to look over the route and actually get there, I set myself up for making the wrong turns. Which brings me to my first point... We aren't at peace because we are always so rushed. At least I am. The phone that is supposed to help me get from place to place on time, has become the number reason I am late... "Oh Google Maps says it only takes 10 minutes. I have a few more minutes to finish this," I reason. What is the result? Running late again... rushing... forgetting stuff I really need... not being at peace.

I get to blame my husband for the next distraction. Well, sort of. He called. The bluetooth wasn't on. I had to pull over. That made me more late and more rushed and then he told me about something that seemed to be big deal, but when I thought about it some more, the vendor had made a mistake and it wasn't a big deal. Here's the second point... We aren't at peace because we make unimportant stuff really important.

Now I'm really getting to a place were I am just bearly going to make it on time. Then I realize the Google Maps is just trying to get me to make a U-turn. I pull over again to get a better idea of where I am going. I look over the entire trip.  "Wait! I know where this place is. I didn't need Google Maps at all."

I look at the estimated time of arrival. I had planned to get there 15 minutes early, left in time to get there 10 minutes early, and now my phone tells me I will be 3 minutes late. I begin the "what ifs". What if they start right on time and I am obviously late. What if I miss the very thing I went there to learn. What if I make a bad impression. What if they do not let me in at all. Here we find the final point. We aren't at peace because we are too busy pondering the negative. As it turned out, they didn't start until 15 minutes late. I was far from the last to arrive and the information I wanted to know was not presented until the second hour of the program. What a waste of my emotional energy.

Thank God for grace. Lord willing, I will have lots of opportunities tomorrow to be at perfect peace again when I'll be driving to 6 different appointments.  

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