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Helping those with Anxiety

Posted by cyndyadeniyi on February 19, 2020 at 10:25 AM

We need to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. That's how it is. Scripture is clear that we are to interact with each other as we go along our earthly journey. There are 94 verses in the New Testament that include commands about what we are do with "one another". Themes among these verses include unity and love. One way we can love those who are struggling with anxiety is to reach out in a way that is both Christ-centered and effective. Here are a few tips...

  1. Support scriptures with examples. If a believer has been struggling with anxiety for any length of time, they are already familiar with the typical scriptures use to support ending anxiety. They know 1 Pet. 5:7, Phil. 4:6-7, and Matt. 6:25. Just repeating these verses back to them is not helpful. It tells them that it is possible to have peace and merely reminds them that they do not have it. Instead, support these verses with how you have seen God work in your own life on in the lives of those in Scripture. These verses are very, very true. However, if we throw them at people like a magic spell, the anxious person becomes the depressed person as they ponder why they were not good enough to make the spell work. 
  2. Offer to pray with them regarding their concerns. When we become anxious, very often prayer becomes complaining or begging God as if He doesn't already know what is on our hearts in the hopes that with many tears will fix everything. Your prayers with the anxious person can model other components of prayer that the anxious may overlook. For example, if your prayer includes praise to God for who He is, it can remind the anxious that God is powerful and God is loving and God is merciful. That may be something that was overlooked as the anxious person focuses in on their own anxiety. 
  3. Assist with problem solving. Sometimes anxiety is sparked by a real need, not a want, and there are solutions out there that the individual just isn't aware exist. We can help by doing a little social work sometimes -- with them making the phone calls, shooting out the emails, filling out the applications that can get the resources needed to resolve a problem. This means going beyond, "If you need anything give me a call." This means making suggestions as to what type of help you may be able to provide and then actually following through with it. 

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