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Biblical Stress Management -- Pre-Order

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The world is full of stressors. Especially as women of faith, we are challenged by the stresses of modern life and the necessity of handling them in a way that honors God and draws others to Christ. It often feels like way too much. We are overworked. We are overwhelmed. We are over it all. God does have answers in His word for handling stress. 

In the Biblical Stress Management Course, we will examine not only the techniques necessary to handling stress, but also the biblical foundations necessary to correct our mindset so that we can follow through with the techniques.

The Biblical Stress Managment Course will be available March 1st! (Lord willing of course.) Here is your chance to get access at a reduced rate. The course includes the video content and a corresponding workbook to keep you on task throughout the course. Upon release you will be provide the workbook via pdf and access to the video content which will be sent to your email.

What email address would you like for us to you to send your course? We will only use this email for the purpose of delivering this one course.

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