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Biblical Life Coaching

Biblical Life Coaching with Cyndy

Biblical life coaching is perfect for those seeking the abundant life, but just a bit stuck on how to reach their goals. Coaching will challenge you to reframe situations, overcome obstacles, and take action relative to your goals. Life coaching with Cyndy is distinctively Christian. Rather than putting a Christian spin on traditional coaching practices, Cyndy's foundation for coaching is routed in biblical principles. This is NOT Neurolingistic Programming (NLP). Coaching is available by phone or email. For more information, contact Cyndy directly ... cyndy@getoutofthewoods.com

Biblical life coaching is distinctively different from counseling.  Coaching is for those who are emotionally healthy, but stuck.  Counseling is for those who are hurting emotionally and/or mentally.  Cyndy is licensed in the state of Georgia as a professional counselor. She and provides face to face counseling in Clayton County, GA for those seeking to overcome emotional problems through dependence on the Word of God.  Not certain if coaching or counseling is appropriate for you... just write us.  Your information will be kept confidential.

Now Booking for Spring and Summer 2018 Speaking Engagements
Cyndy would be happy to come speak to your youth, parents, Celebrate Recovery group, church group etc. about overcoming obstacles using the Word of God.  Sample topics include:

                                              What Your Teenager Says Behind Your Back
                                              Biblical Stress Management
                                              Biblical Anger Management
                                              Developing Healthy Christ-esteem
                                              How the Church Can Effectively Respond to Child Sexual Abuse
                                              Finding Positive Spirituality after Experiencing Abuse
                                              How to "Label" Your Yourself/Your Children
                                              Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect

Fees are affordable for groups of all sizes.  Contact the office at cyndy@getoutofthewoods.com for more information today.