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Out of the Woods

216 North McDonough Street Jonesboro, Georgia 30236  571-447-2539

Family therapy at Out of the Woods can change the legacy of a family of a family for generations to come.  Families come for a wide range of reasons -- coping with an addicted family member, grieving the loss of a loved one, managing being in business together, etc. The most common reason families come for counseling however is...                                   We love each other, but we just can't get along.

Whatever your reason for seeking family counseling, you will find an environment that is welcoming and accepting of each family member's thoughts and voice. You will also find that the treatment you receive will be consistent with biblical teaching and clinically sound. We will use strategies that have been proven repeatedly in research and with other families who have chosen Out of the Woods for sparking their healing process.

What should I expect?

Just like individual therapy, the first session will include an explanation of the process and guidelines followed by an interview assessing the needs of the family. Ideas about how to approach the problem are provided at the conclusion. These sessions are scheduled for one hour.  

Can my children come?

Sure! We love children. We do make certain that everyone who has a right to say if the child is in treatment signs a consent. There are often times when children do not need to be part of the conversation. There is a separate waiting room near the counselor's office and way from the main lobby for children who need to sit out for a few minutes. 

Will my health insurance pay for this?

In most cases, yes. Generally if they pay for individual counseling they will pay for family counseling, but there are some exceptions.