Out of the Woods

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How to Know God

God loves you and does not want getting to know Him to be difficult. One simple way to know God and become one of His children is called the ABC's of salvation. I'm not certain who came up with it, but it is based upon what the bible teaches and it accurately describes how simple it is to know God.

A -- Admit that you are a sinner. Everyone one of us is a sinner. At some point we have all done something wrong in the eyes of God. No human is perfect. That is a problem because God is perfect. His holiness and our sinfulness don't mix like oil and water. The first step for us is to admit this is the case. To understand this better, read the book of Romans.

B -- Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and He died to pay the price for your sins. The bible teaches that Jesus lived a sinless life. He gave up that life in order for you and I to be forgiven. He died upon the cross to satisfy the debts you and I have and then He rose from the grave demonstrating that you and I too can rise from the grave and experience everlasting life. To understand this better, read the book of John.

C-- Confess your belief and your desire to do things God's way. Simply talk to God about what you  believe. Tell Him you are sinful. Tell Him you believe Jesus died for your sins. Tell Him you are ready to have Him rule your life.

If you have taken these steps, the bible says you have become a Christian. Unite with other Christians to learn more about how to live the Christian life and grow to know God more and more.