Out of the Woods

216 North McDonough Street Jonesboro, Georgia 30236  571-447-2539

Workshops and Groups for Growth

Accountability Counts Monthy Workshop

Accountability Counts

Are you tired of trying to reach your goals and failing every time? Perhaps what you really need is caring, consistent, and challenging accountability. This non-judgmental group will push, prod, and get you moving. We will identify obstacles and solutions to help you overcome. 

We meet the fourth Saturday of each month. 

The Happy  Book Club

The Happy Book Club

This support group for those struggling with depression is unique because we will be focused on a few chapters from an uplifting book each month. Depression can be overcome. In this group, we strive to support each other and to learn skills for winning the battle against depression. 

Pre-screening is required. Email us at info@getoutofthewoods.com to find out more information.  

The Outdoor De-stressing Workshop

The De-stressing Outdoor Workshop

In this very unique workshop one method of stress management will be taught and practiced in beautiful outdoor settings that will inspire your soul. Workshops are held March through October. Locations vary.